Key Features


The ability to bilaterally synchronize the list of clients with contacts in the notebook of a smartphone or contacts with a Google account. Sync data with multiple devices.


The application can work without the Internet connection. You shouldn't worry if the Internet suddenly disappears. All the data will be stored and synchronized with other devices after connecting to the Internet.


You have the possibility of using several price lists and keeping a service price history.


Management list of customers

The ability to create a customer card with the necessary data.

Planning the meeting

It is showed not only timing in the scheduled meeting, but also such important information as the type of price and provided services. Also, it is possible to create a meeting during a telephone conversation with a client, as well as to select contacts from the call log to create a client card.

Automatic SMS notification

There is a convenient feature for you and your customers. Via SMS you can remind the client about the meeting, postpone the meeting, or thank the client for the visit.

Events and appointments

Work and personal calendar events are simultaneously displayed in different colors.