Our Customer Reviews

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I am an organizer of festive events, including weddings. I use this app with pleasure for planning meetings with clients and contractors coz it's very convenient.I like the ability of functional to add customer-related files.


Poland, Wroclaw

I am a private dentist . What I like most about this app is that it can be used on many devices at the same time (for example, I use it both on my tablet and phone), that is rather convenient and nice. Also, the app automatically reminds the patient about the appointment.


Russia, Belgorod

I am a massage master. It's great to be to create an event during a phone call. The application is simple to use. Scheduling meetings with clients and your personal things are all in one app now.


Spain, Madrid

I'm a hairdresser master. I was advised to use this app by my near friend who is a manicurist. I've been using this app for several months. It is convenient to record clients and maintain a customer base.
It is exactly that app I was looking for.


Ukraine, Lviv