Guide: Send messages

In 2019 Google announced an update to their Google Play Developer policy, essentially changing how permissions related to SMS and Call Logs were handled. This change limited which apps were allowed to ask for these permissions – only apps that have been selected as the user’s default app for making calls or sending text messages will be able to access call logs and SMS, respectively, with few exceptions.

Unfortunately, the “Clients & Finances” app has not been approved by Google to use these permissions. Therefore, a plugin was developed that allows users to:

  • automate sending messages to clients;
  • select clients from call history.

If you need these features in the app, you should install it. This plugin is completely secure and does not collect information from your devices.

To install the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Download plugin
    Click this link: Download plugin v1.0.7
  2. Install plugin
    1. grant permission to install (if necessary)
    2. install app
  3. Open plugin and allow all access