Clifin: Appointment scheduling app

How To Use The “Clifin” Appointment Scheduling App?

If you forget your scheduled appointments in business, you could lose thousands of dollars in contracts. You can miss important events in your personal life, such as anniversaries, or your child’s first ballet recital. Never miss your appointments with the help of Appointment scheduling app.

No matter how you look at it, forgetting can cost you a lot of money. In the other words, you’ll need a powerful yet user-friendly appointment scheduling app like Clifn.

Introduction to Clifin:

Clifin is an app for time management and scheduling appointments. It’s a gift to folks who wish to better manage their calendars and be more productive.

As a result, the online calendar planner which is available on Android mobile app is a fantastic scheduling app for businesses. Clifin has features that make it simple to share schedules with your team.

Clifin will make your life easier:

  • SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS IN A QUICK AND EASY MANNER: Create as many appointments as you like, no matter where you are. Appointment booking is a breeze with Clifin!
  • FLEXIBLE CALENDAR: Use the Day, Week, Month, and Year to quickly navigate around your appointment calendar. Your appointment book has never been easier to use!
  • REMINDERS: Using automated SMS reminders, you can cut down on missed appointments and revenue.
  • SERVICES: Set the price and duration of your services, or personalize them with colors.

How To Use The “Clifin” Appointment Scheduling App?

You can use the Clifin Appointment Scheduling App in many ways as a scheduling app. In this Clifin Appointment Scheduling tutorial, we will cover how to use the Clifin appointment scheduling app to schedule a meeting with your clients.

  • Create an Appointment:

To create an appointment, click the “+” button on the lower right hand of the home page.

Similarly, click on the Appointment option to schedule a meeting with clients on the best appointment scheduling app.

Next, select Client from Call Log or from your Contact List.

Note: To select Client from Call Log, we need to install the plugin. Then only it will select the client from Call Log.
  • Select Time & Date:

Select the Time on which you want to start your Appointment and select the date as per your convenience.

  • Select Appointment Duration:

Select the duration of your appointment, such as how many minutes or hours you can devote to it.

  • Select the Price:

In this section, you can select the price of your client and what amount your client need to pay to you.

  • Select Services, Materials, and Goods:

Select Services, materials, and goods or which you want to schedule an appointment with your client.

  • Add Location:

Add the location where you want to have a meeting with your client.

  • Go over your appointment information and save:

Make sure all of the details for your appointment are correct. Examine critical meeting information to ensure you’ve entered the correct date and time, as well as the appropriate details and attachments.

You don’t want to put yourself or your customer through the stress of showing up for a meeting only to discover they were scheduled on the wrong day.

Bottom Line:

We hope that you have understood all the points about how to use Clifin the appointment scheduling app.

Most importantly, Clifin the best scheduling app has the ability to work without an internet connection. Don’t worry if the Internet suddenly disappears. All the data will be stored and synchronized with other devices after connecting to the Internet.

Download the Clifin app only on Android or visit our website